Bringing over 85 years of combined experience to each project our goal is to serve our clients by providing the best in cost effective design and operation solutions for capturing and producing CO2.

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Reliant has the team of experienced CO2 specialists ready to provide innovative solutions to harness available carbon dioxide and transform it into a useful product. We can provide a solid design conveniently packaged to align with your unique scenarios and specification requirements. The finished projects are then marketed through our Reliant Gases, Reliant Dry Ice, and FLOCO2 entities.

Our engineering and operation divisions have vast experience and knowledge related to design, fabrication, installation and production applications relating to a broad spectrum of CO2 liquefaction facilities and sources.


Reduce Carbon Emissions

Concerns about the environment are on the rise and companies are looking for solutions to decrease and control their carbon emissions, thereby reducing their carbon footprint. Regulations on greenhouse gas emission have become increasingly strict and complex. By capturing these emissions and recycling them into products that can be used in industrial and essential food, beverage, and medical operations, we are doing our part to positively impact the environment by reducing the release of CO2 emissions and supporting these essential operations.

Carbon Capture

A strong knowledge base backed by a cost-effective design is key as facility carbon footprint awareness increases and industry CO2 emission regulation continue to move into view. Options for excess carbon dioxide gas include sequestration methods to place molecules back into the ground, or capturing, reclaiming, and processing the gas for use in industrial processes that are not only friendly to the environment, but also essential parts of the food and beverage supply chain and critical industrial and agricultural processes.

Carbon dioxide is a critical common byproduct and reactant of many chemical processes for refineries, chemical plants, and power plants. By partnering with companies to capture or recover CO2 when in excess and vented, we ease the effects on the producer and the atmosphere. Industries producing carbon dioxide by-products will greatly benefit by capturing and processing these gas streams into usable and sellable products rather than venting out into the atmosphere. This process is four-fold: increased profits for industrial groups selling the CO2, decreased carbon footprints and regulation compliance for these entities, liquefaction carbon dioxide sales for CO2 processing facilities, as well as supplying all related CO2 products to applicable gas markets which creates a constant carbon dioxide supply source for applicable business chains on down the line.
Sources we have utilized include:

  • Ethanol production plants
  • Ammonia production plants
  • High pressure, supercritical CO2 pipelines
  • Low and high pressure geologic sources
  • Natural gas separation facilities

Uses for Recycled CO2

After the CO2 is purified and liquified, through Reliant's marketing entities, the CO2 can serve many purposes in the food and beverage, medical, industrial, and commercial industries including but not limited to:

  • Beverage carbonation
  • Flash freezing
  • Dry ice production
  • Shipping food and medical supplies
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)
  • Accelerated crop growth in greenhouses

Product Analysis Monitoring

CO2 is measured at multiple points from process, to storage, to
load-out to ensure the final product is within required specifications. Liquid loads can be sent with a Certificate of Analysis (COA) to prove the composition of liquid delivered.

Electrical and Automation

Through integration of transmitters and control system we are able to maximize efficiency, minimize process variances, and maintain safe operating conditions. Trends and data backup allow us to look back and identify when any upsets occur so we can correct them and mitigate any future problems.

Finished Product Liquid CO2 Specifications

  • All CGA Grades
  • ISBT Beverage Grade
  • USP


  • FDA
  • GFSI
  • NSF
  • BRC
  • Kosher
  • OSHA Reporting



Reliant is accustomed to modifying our process design to align with specific conditions of various sources and end user requirements. We have built and operated plants with different conditions including high and low-pressure sources, varying feed gas compositions, and special local regulations. We design plants to meet a desired output capacity of purified liquid CO2 based on the quantity of feed gas available. We not only adapt to the starting conditions of the process, but we can also provide unique end-user solutions. Storage and load-out systems are standard practice, but we have also designed specialized trucks for moving liquid CO2, delivery systems from storage to greenhouses, fracking equipment, and more. From initial permitting, to final installation, to years of successful operation, Reliant is confident from the idea stage to project completion.

Packaged for Convenience

Our plants are custom-built onto skids where components and piping are welded, painted, insulated, and packaged to minimize onsite costs and allow for easy delivery. This modular approach keeps equipment user-friendly and compact, yet still allows for easy maintenance. All electrical and automation work is assembled and tested during fabrication, so it will only need to be tied in to existing systems onsite. We are confident in this approach because we have operated modular plants for many years.
Typical modules of a CO2 plant include:

  • CO2 Compression: the pressure of the CO2 is increased if necessary
  • Adsorption, Filtering, and Purification: contaminants and water are removed
  • Heat Exchange: CO2 is cooled and liquified
  • Refrigeration Cycle: refrigerant is re-pressurized and cooled to be reused for CO2 cooling
  • Storage and Load-out: where the final product is stored until use and the pumping unit for product transfer

Automated for Optimization

We aim to design and run plants that are as efficient as possible with regard to product and cost. We employ control systems and process monitoring so we can pinpoint ideal operating conditions and ensure safe operation. Plants that produce beverage grade must be manned during operating hours, but for plants that do not have this requirement, we use remote operating systems so the plant will run autonomously and call out to an on-call operator if any issues arise. Remote operation is useful for our engineering and automation team to login to plants to make necessary changes without the need to physically travel to the plant. Rigorous compositional analysis protects the quality of our product and makes sure it is within the required specifications. Liquid loads can be sent with a Certificate of Analysis (COA) to prove the quality and composition of product delivered.

Reliant Gases - Oklahoma plant image

Plant Design, Build to Suit

Reliant Manufacturing can design and build pressure vessels according to ASME Code. We have stamps for ASME vessel repair and rerate. Plants can be built to process a desired amount of product in tons per day.


Equipment is skid mounted for easy delivery, installation, and relocation. This also makes the process flow easier to understand.

Compressor Design and Packaging

We can assemble complete compressor systems and mount them on a skid to keep the piping neat, but still easy to maintain.

Gas Purification and Filtering

We use multiple processes depending on the source gas composition including physical, chemical, and thermodynamic processes to deliver a finished product meeting the desired product specification.

Anthropogenic and Geologic Sources

We are able to capture CO2 that would normally be released into the atmosphere or we can access naturally occurring CO2 produced from geologic sources at the well source or gathered and compressed into a pipeline.

Refrigeration and Heat Exchange

We utilize specific refrigerants to provide the most efficient cooling. Heat integration is practiced wherever possible to minimize electricity costs.

Storage and Load-out

We use insulated storage tanks with proper venting to safely store liquid CO2 until it is ready to be used or transferred to a truck. We use pumps and filters to make sure the product is moved to the truck or dry ice system and remains clean.

Building and Environmental Permitting

We hold building and environmental permits in 8 states: AZ, CA, CO, IA, MS, NM, OK, TX


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