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What started out as a purchase of ranchland has grown into one of the nations largest privately held CO2 companies that services the CO2 and related industries across the whole of North America.

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In February of 1972 the Vanderburg and Rice Families purchased ranch land in Northern New Mexico.


Early 1977 Amoco organized the Bravo Dome Carbon Dioxide Unit. The ranch land the Vanderburg and Rice families purchased was in the heart of the Bravo Dome.


Mid March was the start of CO2 Associates Inc. and the beginning of the business model to bring to life the vision for marketing the family's CO2 from the ranch land.

June 1989

CO2 Associates started FloCO2 as the marketing arm for well stimulation.

June 1989

Designed, built, and commenced operations of Goldsmith Plant. First CO2 plant to service well stimulation.


CO2 Associates diversified into the food, industrial and beverage markets in 1990.  After coming through years of market volatility in the energy and agriculture sectors, having diverse business lines were an essential part of long term stability and the food and beverage lines supported that goal.


Designed, built and commenced operations of  Sheffield Plant, 2nd CO2 plant using CO2 recovered from Natural Gas separation plant, for well stimulation.


Designed, built and commenced operations of Guymon, OK Plant using CO2 for well stimulation


Bought Debt on Bueyeros Plant.


Conversion of CO2 Associates DBA FloCO2 into Reliant Entities.


Took over operations for Muleshoe, Texas plant - producing food, beverage and medical grade CO2.


Designed, built and commenced operations of  Maljamar, NM CO2 plant for well stimulation.


Designed and converted Guymon Plant into food, medical and beverage grade CO2 and Dry Ice plant.


Acquired supply out of St. Johns Anticline and designed, built and commenced operations of St. Johns CO2 plant for food grade CO2 plant into Arizona Markets


Designed, built and commenced operations of the McCamey, TX plant. Becoming Reliant's 2nd CO2 Plant using CO2 recovered from Natural Gas separation and geologic CO2 for well stimulation.


Acquired assets of  Pacific Dry Ice and formed Reliant Dry Ice Pacific to serve dry ice needs for the West Coast of the United States.


Entered into Libby Lease as the key strategic initiative to provide long term CO2 supply stability.


Formed Reliant E&P to develop Libby Lease.


Acquired 50% of Sandhill Group. This was a key strategic acquisition for supply in the South Eastern United States.


Started Windsor Colorado Plant, Reliant's first ethanol CO2 source plant.


Started Maciopa, AZ plant


Peak of CO2 well stimulation business.


Purchased Southern California Dry Ice distribution business from Rigoli Enterprises.


Executed anchor tenant agreement for excess CO2 supply off Libby lease to facilitate overall lease development and supply reliability for Reliant Plants.


Moved idle assets from well stimulation into crude hauling business.


New lease executed on Libby lease to continue CO2 supply development.


Purchase Atlantic Dry Ice assets to continue growth of the Dry Ice business in the South East United States.


Sold Libby Lease and executed long term supply agreements for Reliant CO2 Supply.


Purchased Air Liquide Iowa assets through the FTC forced divesture from Air Liquide/Airgas Acquisition.


Consolidation of Reliant Partner Group.


Acquired Dry Ice Sales, in Fort Worth, TX  as part of continued expansion in the Dry Ice division.


Acquired 100% interest of Sandhill Group CO2 plant in Jackson, MS to increase long term supply reliability.


Acquired Dry Ice, LLC. in Houma, LA to support distribution to Gulf Coast dry ice markets.


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The Reliant Team

"Special thanks to the over 325 Reliant team members who support each other to make Reliant successful. We know that without our great team members we wouldn't be the company that we are. It’s our sincerest desire to build and support relationships that allow us all to fulfill what we are designed, gifted and called to be. This pursuit can bring on some of life’s biggest challenges as well as its biggest blessings."  

Scott Vanderburg
CEO, Reliant Holdings Ltd.

Employee Spotlight

Their Story

I have a truly deep appreciation for Reliant Holdings and particularly Metro.  I was employed by them for 13 years and had 100% honesty, loyalty, and support from my supervisors from day one till the end.  After working for Dean Wilkerson for many years in the pay phone business it made it an easy decision to go to work for him in the CO2 biz.  Dean’s as personable and friendly as anyone I’ve ever known and has always been there for me in biz and as a friend.  Moving into an Ops Mgr position I had the pleasure to work for Joe Carle.  It was a great experience for me because watching Joe operate I learned a lot.  Joe has an indefatigable work ethic and as much business savvy as anyone I’ve ever worked with.  He spearheaded our move to the mid cities and I always turned to him for all my operational problems and advice, his support was immeasurable.  I also got help from Ron Rice anytime I reached out as he would come down and help us thru tough times at the drop of a dime along with Distribution workers including Darin Rice.  When I informed Joe I wanted to step down from my position and be a driver I had his and Deans full support.  Darin was brought in and took my place and I can honestly say there couldn’t have a better person to work for.  Darin works his tail off and handles his job with honesty and dignity.  He was easy to approach with any issue I had and I had my share.  No matter what chaos had hit the fan Darin stays composed and he treats everyone with the same honest, consistent support.  I feel very lucky to have worked for all the afore mentioned.  I would also like to give a shout out for Windsor Wilkerson, he also has a great demeanor with people and handles them with support and patience.  Windsor is a great asset for Reliant and they’re lucky to have him.  The ladies and office staff were great as well with a special thanks to Joyce Buck.  We’ve worked many years together and she is an awesome person as well as a loyal employee.  Thank you Reliant for employing me and for everything else, you’re a first class/family oriented company that recognizes its employees and shows it’s appreciation in many ways.

Coworkers Thoughts

"Congratulations and much deserved. I hope you have a long, healthy and blessed retirement. Blessed like you have been a blessing to Reliant Metro since the day it was tossed into your hands. You ran with it with a positive attitude and work ethic beyond what words can describe. I sometimes wonder why you didn’t run FROM it, just kidding. Thankfully you took the reins and helped make it what it is today. Every day you show up with a great attitude and work ethic that has made Metro a better place. Thanks for everything!"

- Darin Rice, Supervising Manager

"When I first met Kirk he was pulling double duty for Dean, working the pay phone side of the business and learning about CO2. It was shortly thereafter he became a full time Reliant employee. Kirk has always been a pleasure to work with because of his can do attitude.  It was easy for him to be a team player as he exceled in all sports especially baseball growing up. I will never forget the times he would sing for us, he has a future as a Vegas lounge singer, should he become bored. I wish Kirk and Amy all the best enjoying their well-deserved retirement."

Joe Carle, Reliant Gases

Kirk Parsons

Driver-Route Salesman for Reliant Metro
How long they've worked at Reliant
13 Years

Our Leadership Team

The Reliant leadership team which has the responsibility to coach guide and encourage the Reliant team to accomplish Reliant's vision and goals.

Fred Vanderburg Jr.

Chairman of the Board

Scott Vanderburg

Chief executive Officer & President

Vance Vanderburg

Chief Operations Officer

Scott Smith

Chief Financial Officer

Corey Prichard

Executive Vice President of Dry Ice Divisions + Business Dev.

Cynthia Bizik

Vice President of Finance & Accounting

Joe Carle

Reliant Distribution
Division Manager

Nealei Smith Vanderburg

Executive Assistant

Kalei Prichard

Communications Assistant

Brenda Woosley

Human Resources Director

Jennifer Jones

Information Technology Director

Josh Jones

Manufacturing + Processing Division Manager

Dean Wilkerson

Reliant Metro
Division Manager

Clifford “Buddy” Collen

Reliant Dry Ice Pacific
Division Manager

Jim Doles

Reliant Atlantic Group Division Manager

David Burdick

Reliant Gases
Division Manager

Our Vision for the future

Reliant is working on several projects that we anticipate announcing in the near future. These projects will support our goal of continued growth, enhanced customer service and increased supply reliability. 

Reliant is focused on the technical developments in recovery from non-traditional sources and the associated technology relative to application advances in the utilization of CO
2. In addition, Reliant aims to contribute to the healthy discussion and actions driving the industry, while doing its part in the conservation and efficient use of our natural resources to the benefit of our communities. “There are not any better experts in the field of CO2 than in our industry to work on the efficient use, mobilization and disposition of CO2, which is a key component to life. It’s in our blood.”

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